What our clients say

Nicole is excellent at what she does! I am a local personal trainer and run coach and have recommended her to clients for both physical therapy and a run screens. Her run screens and subsequent exercise suggestions have helped keep both me and my clients healthy and running strong. I’ve also had her come and speak to my run groups many times. I learn something new every time and I know my clients have taken a lot away from her talks. She is great at explaining biomechanics to people in a way that is easy to understand and relatable. It is so great to have someone like Nicole around to help both prevent and treat injuries. I highly recommend her pt services as well as her run screens and personalized talks.

—Erica S


Nicole is awesome. In a marketplace full of PTs I go back to her every time. I know that she’ll be able to quickly figure out what’s going on and prescribe the best course of action to fix me. I’ve always seen quick turn arounds for whatever issue I’m having. Her command of human biomechanics and her experience working with athletes is on another level. She’s the best in the business.

—Matt H


In September 2014, I messed up my right hamstring during a freak water skiing accident over Labor Day weekend.  After several weeks of trying to fix it on my own, I gave up and went to see a physical therapist, Nicole Haas.  When I went to see Nicole, I was very frustrated with my situation, depressed with not being able to do anything active, and feeling very vulnerable as I had never experienced a major injury like this.  During the initial meeting, Nicole took the time to listen to my frustrations, asked a ton of questions, and really took empathy for me.  Most importantly, I felt like she understood me as “a runner/athlete” and could relate to an athlete’s fear of being injured/inactive, as she is a stellar athlete herself.  At that point, I trusted her and gave her full control of my treatment as we laid out a treatment plan based on my short-term and long-term goals.  She coordinated everything from an MRI with a sports specialist (to confirm I tore my hamstring), to regular massages to break out the scar tissue, to evaluating/monitoring my running gait herself.  After 3 months of in-office PT sessions twice a week and at-home exercises the other days I was able to be active again.  Based on my goals we decided to start back by skiing first.  After 3 more months, I was able to run again.  In May of 2014 (8 months after severely tearing my hamstring), I was able to join my friends in running the Grand Canyon.  Though I couldn’t run the full Rim-2-Rim-2-Rim (based more on condition), I was able to do 32 miles of it and didn’t have to miss out on a bucket list adventure.  I strongly believe that would NOT have happened without Nicole.  Since then, I have been able to complete several ultra-marathons and am back to playing tennis/basketball/backpacking/skiing, etc.  Based on my experience, I highly recommend Nicole Haas for any runners struggling with an injury and have referred my friends to her.  Thanks Nicole!

—Richard S


Nicole knows her stuff! I saw Nicole March of 2014 thinking I had a tibia stress fracture but within 2 minutes of talking to Nicole she diagnosed me with MTSS/ posterior tibialis tendonitis–which was exactly what I was dealing with. Nicole is quick to follow-up and check in which I think is a great quality and one that lacked in my previous PTs. I just wish I saw her earlier! Since seeing Nicole, I’ve learned how important hip strength is and proper running form. I’ve been running healthy since seeing Nicole and more in-tuned with my running form.

—Tessa D


I highly Recommend Nicole Haas as a PT. If you are a runner or athlete and have any little issues go see Nicole before they become bigger issues. I saw Nicole when I was first getting back into running after a ten year layoff and she addressed and helped my fix severe IT band issues as well as a left hip problem. I was at the point where I could not go over 30 minutes without pain in my hip. Within 4 weeks I was back up to several hours and after about 6 weeks I was back to  being able to go on long runs. She was also very good with tips on running form and cadence. Since working with Nicole I have completed numerous races ranging from road marathons to 100 mile trail races with no injury issues.

—Dan P


I absolutely love working with Nicole! I had some IT band issues and she really took the time to analyze the root of my issue and teach me the exercises I needed to get back on track. Nicole really provides the whole picture of care and is realistic about goals for rehab for both the patient and what she can do. I also always felt very mentally supported by her. I remember a freak out moment, when I told her I was scared I would never be able to run the same again. Nicole talked me off the ledge, and told me I would make it through. And I did…all because of her! I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone needing PT, but especially runners and athletes. She is the best and I will continue to see her as long as she is around!

—Alex H


I have been dealing with frighteningly loose ligaments in my shoulders for most of my life. I am a certified yoga instructor, avid runner, and soccer player, and the threat of a dislocated shoulder does not go well with my active lifestyle.

I got in touch with Nicole Haas a few months back when my shoulders dislocating was becoming especially problematic in my daily life. Nicole was in Costa Rica for a yoga teacher training but she took the time to video chat with me to understand the mechanics of my shoulder problem and to show me some exercises that I should be doing everyday. I am beyond grateful for Nicole’s advice and confidence in the possibility of rehabing my shoulders- they have stayed in their sockets better than ever before since we talked about new exercises. She is truly passionate about her patients and about the awesomeness of the human body! Thank you Nicole!

—Amy B


Nicole understands runners and their injuries better than any other PT I’ve seen! Where other PTs gave me immediate off-the-shelf answers and (the wrong) suggestions for rehab, Nicole actually took the time to listen to my whole long history of injuries, analyze my gait, and design a specific and careful program of rehab. I wish I still lived in CO because she is an amazing person and PT too.

—Suzanne B


I have had problems with my knees for over a decade, and have always thought that a day would come where I would need surgery. I was referred to Dr. Nicole Haas and she soon began working with me. I cannot believe the progress that was made in just a few visits. She reviewed my case, determined WHY my knees were having problems, which stemmed in part from other areas of my body that were compensating pain, and put me on a plan to quickly and progressively realign my body and mitigate the recurring knee pain. She has helped me with more than my knee: my ankles have stopped cracking, and my hip is aligned so it doesn’t crack like it used to with some exercises!! I’m so thankful!  I just went on my first hike in months and am working toward running again soon – something I thought would not be possible for me! I would recommend Dr. Haas to everyone who needs a good PT to get their bodies back on the “right track” – literally. She has made a huge difference for me! Her professional credentials are very impressive as well and if you go to Dr. Haas, you will have the best PT and sports medicine professional working for you

—Nicole T


All I can say about Dr. Nicole Haas is WOW!  She truly impressed me and she knows her stuff unlike any of the other PT’s that have treated me over the past 20 years.  Her Doctorate in PT really came through in every aspect of her care for me.  I have always been an active sports person, and from years of abuse and injury to my body, I had a stiff back and neck for years (more like decades!).  After awhile I started to think that what I was experiencing was the norm, and the sensation of a healthy back and neck was so long forgotten. What impressed me the most about Nicole is that after my first visit, she knew exactly what my problem was, what was causing it, and how to treat it.  And despite the many times that I would challenge her (because I certainly knew my “abused” body better than her!), she held steadfast to her evaluation and stayed focused on her treatment.  Despite my skepticism, she always was right.  After my first treatment from Nicole, I was blown away with how much looser and relaxed my back felt. I couldn’t wait for another appointment with her. But it took me months to reclaim my healthy back. Nicole was persistent with her PT treatment and it took time to cleanup the years of abuse. She put me on the right exercise program (something that I would have never conjured up by myself) and helped me to break my many bad posture habits.

But beware!  She is tough, cuts you NO slack, and will be hard on you if you don’t pull your own weight in your treatment. She is an excellent listener, doesn’t miss a beat, and has a memory like a steel trap.  She can connect the dots quickly.  Her goal is to treat you, educate you, and give you the tools to treat yourself so that you don’t need her anymore.  I think that Dr. Haas even mentored many of the other PTs.  Enough said!  I think Nicole is the BEST!  And although I don’t ever look forward to my next injury, I do look forward to having Nicole be the PT who treats me.

—Steve H


I’ve spent the past 4 years running w/ knee braces, but with certain exercises and stretches, I’ve been able to run 6 miles without them! It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve seen improvement thus far that I’m ecstatic about. I hope I can keep this up, even after I stop going to PT.



I have to admit that this is my very first review. I’ve been using others as a reference for years, but never found the need to sign up and write a review until now.

Nicole Haas is one of the best Physical Therapists I’ve come across, and I’ve met a lot of PTs (I play sports competitively, and also have a roommate who is a PT). She is incredibly observant, so she is able to figure out what’s wrong with you just by watching you move. On top of that, she’s great at explaining to you what’s going on in your body so that you actually understand it.

I’ve had chronic knee problems for years, but with Nicole’s help, I’ve not only recovered, but I haven’t had a relapse ever since. She worked with me intensely to fix up my knee for my competition, and she helped me see that my poor body mechanics were what was causing recurring inflammation & irritation in my knees. She gave me exercises to help fix the instability in my glutes and hips when I walk, run, bike, etc.

I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. I’ve seen and talked to a lot of people about my chronic injuries, and there hasn’t been anyone else who could adequately explain not only what was wrong, but what I needed to change in my everyday life in order to fix it.

—Ness F


While I had the unpleasant experience of being in a car accident and ending up in physical therapy, I did have the good fortune to end up with Dr. Nicole Haas as my physical therapist. Gotta look at the bright side, right?

Nicole is an amazing person as well as an amazing therapist. It’s like she has x-ray vision the way she can immediately tell what’s going on in your body – and not just the bits you’re complaining about. As much as she will focus on the main source of pain, she will do everything she can to educate you about your body as a whole and help you feel better, both in her office and when you have to go back out on the street.

I walked in to her office feeling like I understood my body and how it worked. After all, I’d had other body mechanics issues in the past and seen other therapists and, after about 2-3 sessions, I always gave up, feeling like I got it more than they did. And part of that may have been that they didn’t seem personally invested. Nicole always seemed fully vested in my recovery – and that she wouldn’t give up on me until we’d worked out all the pieces of the puzzle, not just the one thing I came in complaining about. Now I stand up straighter, I can exercise harder and more efficiently, and I know how, to the best of my abilities, to counteract the inevitable pain that will sneak in from time to time.

—Lily Z


*I can run again!*

I had a nagging pain in my …gluteus….that only seemed to get worse despite me resting it, massaging it, and (sadly) stopping my running….I finally caved in to a sports massage place with great repute, but despite their clearly high degree of expertise, they finally threw their hands up (from my butt) and sent me on to physical therapy.

Fortunately my friend had recommended Nicole to me earlier and I’m only kicking myself – with my newly-strong hamstring – that I waited this long to get to her! She’s extraordinarily quick, absorbs everything systemically and is extremely practical, quick, professional and competent in assessing your situation along with your lifestyle (and insurance plan!) and suggesting good options that are both helpful and realistic. Turns out I had a nasty “entrapped nerve” – not the run-of-the-milll cause for piriformis pain and not super straightforward to manage. But Nicole was a rock-star: she not only gave me useful exercises, but checked in every step of the way to ensure they were getting me to a better place vs. simply checking off her protocol boxes.

The net for me is that, after just a few months I am back to running and have a hope that the pain I’ve had will soon be gone. *I can run again!* All thanks to Nicole. If you’re wondering what you should do about that nagging issue, just GO!

—Diane B


I just wanted to thank you for that excellent crash course in damaged hamstring care.  I think I learned more from you in that one hour than in all many, many hours spent in hamstring rehab!

—Shirley P


Nicole helped me in San Francisco. She was incredibly thorough, answered all my questions, and got me back into tip-top shape. I highly recommend her.

—Kevin G


Nicole Haas is exceptional! Expert, passionate and fun!

—Jennifer H


Amazing. Worked miracles with my dislocated shoulder.

—Guy M


I had the pleasure of working with Nicole, as a colleague, in SF. She is an incredibly detailed and passionate PT who stops at nothing to deliver incredible results. We miss her dearly here. I highly recommend seeing her if you want to learn more about your body and how to make it function optimally!

—Brian H


I can’t recommend Nicole any higher! She always took the time to get to the root of my pain. My first visit, she did a full assessment from my head to my toes to try and figure out what was truly causing my pain. I didn’t see her for an injury – it was more of an ongoing pain that Nicole helped alleviate. Not only that but she was able to help me continue with barre fitness classes that I enjoy by suggesting appropriate modifications.  Nicole is extremely knowledgeable and approachable as well. I would recommend (and have done) her services to anyone needing an excellent PT!

—Alyssa P