Haas Physical Therapy & Wellness is centrally located in Boulder, housed within Crossfit Sanitas at 2525 Arapahoe Avenue.

Appointments can be scheduled online or by contacting Nicole directly. If emailing or leaving a voice message to schedule your appointment, please include any pertinent information such as the reason for your visit or specific scheduling needs. Please note that online scheduling is provided by Crossfit Sanitas.

Please contact Nicole directly for public speaking engagements and community events.
Nicole@HaasPT.com    |    (720) 722-4056

If it’s your FIRST VISIT please make sure to review and complete the INTAKE PACKET prior to your appointment in order to allow Nicole to spend your full appointment time on your goals. Forms may be returned to Nicole@HaasPT.com or brought to appointment with you. Please contact Nicole directly if you have any questions or need further assistance with the physical therapy intake process.

For all appointments, when you arrive at Crossfit Sanitas, please wait in the lounge area behind the front desk. If you need to RESCHEDULE or CANCEL, please contact Nicole directly.