Nicole T

I have had problems with my knees for over a decade, and have always thought that a day would come where I would need surgery. I was referred to Dr. Nicole Haas and she soon began working with me. I cannot believe the progress that was made in just a few visits. She reviewed my case, determined WHY my knees were having problems, which stemmed in part from other areas of my body that were compensating pain, and put me on a plan to quickly and progressively realign my body and mitigate the recurring knee pain. She has helped me with more than my knee: my ankles have stopped cracking, and my hip is aligned so it doesn’t crack like it used to with some exercises!! I’m so thankful!  I just went on my first hike in months and am working toward running again soon – something I thought would not be possible for me! I would recommend Dr. Haas to everyone who needs a good PT to get their bodies back on the “right track” – literally. She has made a huge difference for me! Her professional credentials are very impressive as well and if you go to Dr. Haas, you will have the best PT and sports medicine professional working for you