Rates & Insurance

Effective results.  Fewer visits.  Highly individualized care.

Nicole is dedicated to providing quality care as a physical therapist, and works hard to help each patient achieve their goals and potential. She strives to return her patients to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle through a caring, thought-filled, and evidence-based approach. She does not contract with insurance companies in order to provide a full hour of individualized care, and to utilize those longer treatment times to achieve effective results and outcomes in fewer visits, and to provide extended care between appointments via email and phone as needed. Her goal is to provide highly effective treatments with superior outcomes, and to do so in fewer sessions than the insurance-based style of PT.

Nicole is able to accept payments through your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), and can provide a “superbill” for submission to your insurance company for out of network benefit coverage. For patients wishing to use insurance who have “out of network benefits for physical therapy,” most PPOs will pay a portion of your treatment costs depending on your specific plan and chosen benefits.  She is also more than willing to help you navigate the process.

Rates for clinic visits
Evaluation/ 1st visit  $185 (60 minutes)
Follow up visits  $150 (60 minutes)
Running Analysis + corrective exercise program (for non-established patients)  $235 (60 minutes)
Ask A PT/ phone consultation (for non-established patients)  $30 per 15 minutes

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