What to Expect

If it’s your first time to physical therapy… welcome, and here are some helpful tips. And if you are a returning customer, welcome back-and if you’re seeking help for an issue you’ve already been here for, let’s figure out together how to prevent a repeat in the future.

For your first visit, Nicole will be completing a thorough evaluation of your strength, flexibility, and functional movements that you use in daily life and are related to the issue you are seeking help with. She will identify the source of your pain, compensation, or issue and apply these findings to create an individualized treatment plan that is best for you. She will discuss your goals and any concerns, and will clarify her advice and treatment plan with you to answer any outstanding questions that have not been covered during the evaluation process. Her goal with your first visit is to find the source of the issue and to start pointing you in the right direction, with advice, treatment, and any relevant exercises.

Clothing. Be sure to wear clothing that is comfortable for movement and exercise, and that allows easy access to the body part you are seeking help with. If you are undergoing a run analysis, be sure to bring your running shoes- old and new.

Intake Forms. Please bring these to your first visit if you have not already emailed them to Nicole. Please notify her ahead of time if you would like to complete these at the time of your appointment.

Medical records. Please bring any records or reports that might be helpful or pertinent for your issue, including operative reports, imaging reports (xrays, MRIs, CT scans), and any prescription from your referring provider (if applicable).