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Physical therapy isn’t just about rehabilitation.

It’s about understanding the tipping point between health and injury,

and understanding the biomechanics of movement patterns that allow the body to participate in a balanced life. It’s about individualized care to help you achieve your goals, whether you are returning from an injury or wanting to avoid one altogether.

Boulder Physical Therapy

Injuries happen…

that’s why there’s a whole profession dedicated to managing them. The most challenging and scariest part of dealing with injuries can be knowing what advice to follow and how to get help fast.

And those initial steps can be the most crucial in returning to normal or getting caught in the spin cycle with injury.

Boulder Physiolab uses an evidence-based blend of manual therapy, functional exercise, and biomechanical analysis to address the root of an issue, and to quickly help point things in the right direction.

Physical Therapy

Running Analysis

Myofascial Decompression

Blood Flow Restriction

Dr. Nicole Haas is a strong advocate of community outreach and education.

Boulder Physical Therapist

She is a physical therapist in Boulder, CO, and featured as a topic expert in articles across the outdoor, sports, and medical communities. See what she has to say…

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Boulder Physical Therapy

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