PT Boulder

PT Boulder

Injuries happen…

that’s why there’s a whole profession dedicated to managing them.

The most challenging and scariest part of dealing with injuries can be knowing what advice to follow and how to get help fast. And those initial steps can be the most crucial in returning to normal or getting caught in the spin cycle with injury.

Dr. Haas uses an evidence-based blend of manual therapy, functional exercise, and biomechanical analysis to address the root of an issue, and to quickly help point things in the right direction. And she uses her 20+ years of experience combined with her clinical expertise to diagnose and treat the root of the issue… instead of bandaid’ing the symptoms. As a former academic and researcher, she has a lot of tools in her clinical bag, and offers a wide range of skills and approaches to help recover from (and ideally prevent) injury, regardless of sport, skill level or condition.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Nicole has extensive knowledge, academic education, and training in orthopedic manual physical therapy, functional training, neuromuscular re-education, and sport-specific biomechanical analysis. She is a former instructor for the University of Southern California and the University of Colorado physical therapy programs, teaching orthopedics, therapeutic exercise, and running analysis & injury prevention. She has completed advanced coursework and certification in manual (hands-on) physical therapy as well.

She remains current with the latest research and advances in PT, and practices evidence-based medicine to ensure delivery of personal and professional care to educate, empower and individualize your therapy program to meet your specific goals. Dr. Haas is dedicated to returning you to an active, healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

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Manual Physical Therapy
Running Analysis & Injury Prevention

Running Analysis & Injury Prevention

Improve your running performance & prevent running injuries.

Did you know that in a one year period, 79% of runners are injured? If you’re reading this section on the website, then you likely know that the hard way or you are looking to be in the 21% of runners that are able to run pain-free. Dr. Haas is a nationally recognized expert in running analysis and injury prevention, and lectures on the topic to practicing physical therapists, physicians, and sports medicine professionals. She’s also one of the O.G. researchers on the topic related to knee pain. That means she can help.

During a run analysis, Dr. Haas employs a comprehensive assessment and develops a treatment plan to identify and address biomechanical patterns that predispose you to injury. Whether a competitive athlete looking for the next endurance challenge, or brand new to the sport of running, a running assessment is appropriate and important for runners of all levels.

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Myofascial Decompression


Think cupping + movement. Myofascial decompression (MFD) is a manual therapy tool to unload the sticky tissues that have the issues. MFD utilizes curved cups to improve myofascial mobility during problematic movement patterns, and to literally get to the root of the restriction or compensation related to injury, during the specific movement pattern that causes pain.

See MFD in action HERE

Myofascial Decompression (Cupping with Movement)
Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR)

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy


Is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training the future of performance? More & more research shows that blood flow restriction training leads to rapid increase in muscle size & strength, and can be useful for training & strengthening using higher volume under relatively modest loads when preferred (post-surgical rehab, off-season training for example). It can also be an incredibly useful tool to incorporate the mind+body connection from the neuromuscular re-education end of things, especially during fatigue that is common in sport.


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Sport-Specific Assessment & Corrective Exercise Program

Identifying movement limitations or deficiencies before they become problematic can be vital in reducing risk of injury in athletic performance and in everyday life. Dr. Haas offers a wide range of sport-specific assessment, rehabilitation, and performance programs to help athletes recover from and prevent injury, regardless of their game, skill level or condition.

Sport Specific Assessment & Corrective Exercise Programming
Women's Health & The Female Athlete

Women’s Health

Dr. Haas has extensive experience working with women throughout the pregnancy journey. Whether you are planning to have a baby, are currently pregnant, or have recently given birth, physical therapy can help address the specific needs of your body as it changes… and gets back on track. And if any issues weren’t addressed in the past, Dr. Haas can help address the root of the ongoing challenges. She can also help educate you on diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation), neck, upper back, and arm pain related to breast-feeding, and pain related to challenges with lifting, reaching, and positioning during childcare.

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Yoga Related Treatment

As a certified yoga teacher (vinyasa & therapeutic yoga), Dr. Haas is able to provide physical therapy for issues related to yoga practice and to support continued participation during injury. She utilizes her extensive background in biomechanics and injury prevention to facilitate successful yoga practice for all levels and all needs, and to educate yogis on any helpful modification around injuries or during recovery- whether the injury was related to yoga or not.

Curious how knee pain relates to yoga? Read more HERE from Colorado School of Yoga.

Yoga Related Treatment & Boulder Physical Therapy
Online Boulder Physical Therapy

Ask a PT

Injuries happen…. that’s why there’s a whole profession dedicated to managing them. The most challenging and scariest parts of dealing with injuries can be knowing whether or not to seek help from a medical professional or what advice to follow. And those initial steps can be the most crucial in returning to normal or remaining stuck in the recovery process.

Dr. Haas is available for phone consultations and advice regarding acute injuries or pains that seem to linger. She will help you sort out your options and help point you in the right direction with sound advice based on evidence and her extensive clinical experience treating injuries of all kinds. Phone consultations are scheduled in 30 min increments, for up to a full hour. Please view online scheduler or contact Dr. Haas directly for pricing & appointments.

Injury Prevention Talks & Public Speaking

Dr. Haas lectures nationally and locally on various topics related to injury prevention and wellness, and has presented as a keynote speaker for Google, CU Sports Medicine, The American Physical Therapy Association, CrossFit Sanitas, Trail Sisters, YogaPod, and to many local fitness centers and gyms. She also teaches anatomy and injury recognition within yoga teacher trainings, and acts as a resource for running coaches, yoga teachers, and outdoor industry/ recreational writers as well. Drawing from 20+ years of clinical experience as a physical therapist, her involvement in biomechanical research, and her extensive background in functional training, yoga, and wellness, she is able to captivate her audience with an engaging and inspiring approach.

Dr. Haas is available for public speaking engagements and community outreach for a variety of settings and topics. Please contact her for availability/ pricing.

Boulder Physiolab Injury Prevention Talks
Boulder Physical Therapy Preseason & Injury Screening for Groups & Teams

Preseason & Injury Screening for Groups & Teams

Dr. Haas is available for on-sight group screenings and assistance with program development for injury prevention. Please contact her for availability/ pricing.

Wellness in the Workplace

Keep your employees healthy during and outside of work with corporate wellness programs and proper work ergonomics. Dr. Haas’s extensive knowledge, training, and experience in workplace ergonomic allow her to educate your team and create custom small group classes, on-site assessments, and educational workshops for injury prevention. For more information on pricing and packages, please contact Dr. Haas directly.

Wellness in the Workplace with Boulder Physiolab